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Seaward Promotional Videos on Seaward's Youtube Channel!

Posted November 1, 2013
Written by Cecil C. Achord
In preparation for the 2013 website redesign, Seaward Marine Services, Inc. commissioned Parroco Production Group, Inc. to make a set of promotional videos for us. These videos are now placed throughout the site and hosted by Vimeo, but we have also placed all of those videos on our youtube channel.

Here is the link to our channel: 

Seaward Marine Services, Inc. Official Youtube Channel 

To save you time, we have also embeded our promo video playlist below for your enjoyment: 

​Youtube tips:  

When playing you can click the bottom right icon to the right of the gear to fullscreen the video.

You can also click the gear and then use the quality pulldown to change it to High Def if it didn’t do it automatically when you fullscreened it.

We do have captions available on our youtube videos only(not an option yet on Vimeo), you can press the CC to turn them on or off.  You may choose to translate these captions to your local language in the CC menu, however results may vary since languages that don't share the same word ordering as english may not make sense as very often each caption stops and starts mid-sentence.(The google translation engine may or may not be smart enough to deal with this)

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Note: NMCI users may not be able to view the videos on our site. In that case, you may have better luck with our YouTube Channel