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Seaward Rolls Out New Dive Platforms

Posted November 27, 2013
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services has completed its third and newest dive platform for 2013.  These dive platforms are fully integrated units utilized by Seaward for all underwater services and can support up to four divers along with supporting equipment;  a 2.5 ton crane, three 10 gpm hydraulic power packs, one SCAMP multi-brush cleaning platform, up-to two 2500 psi waterblasters, one 10,000 psi hydroblaster, underwater cameras with CCTV, and other diver hand held equipment.

All of Seaward's dive platforms have water heaters for cold weather diving and redundant air systems and communication systems for safety.

Seaward San Diego completed the Mobile 1 and 2 dive platforms the summer of 2013 and Norfolk completed the Mobile 4 platform in November. 

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