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Seaward Honors Employees With Exceptional Service

Posted December 14, 2013
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward would like to thank the following members for their service:

Joey Walters, Noel McCully, and Stephen Spruill for thirty years of service.  Thomas Wright, Christina Woodrum, and Janice Arakawa for twenty years of service.  David Samuelson for 16,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Stanley Wujek and Michael Charles for 12,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  William Greenwood Sr for 8,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Eric Stephenson for 4,000 hours dive time working with Seaward.  Thank you for your continuing service to our company and to our customers.

Stephen Spruill - 30 Years

Christina Woodrum - 20 Years

Stan Wujek - 12,000 Hours Dive Time

Tom Wright - 20 Years

David Samuelson - 16,000 Hours Dive Time

Mike Charles - 12,000 Hours Dive Time

Eric Stephenson - 4,000 Hours Dive Time

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