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Seaward Performs in Pacific Northwest Storm

Posted February 26, 2014
Written by Cecil C. Achord
Seaward Marine Services was tasked to perform an general inspection, a Visual Technical Inspection (VTI) and shaft to stave bearing measurements (STSR). The period of performance was February 3-17, 2014.  Seaward personnel arrived in Everett WA with clear skies and average temperatures for that area.  During the week, a Pacific Northwest storm arrived dropping day time temperatures to 19 degrees with heavy snow flurries and water temperatures dropped to 43 degrees.  Divers continued to perform their tasks under these conditions and during the initial inspection of the running gear, damage was found on a propeller and shaft.  The propeller damage was included in a VTI report and submitted to NSWCCD for review and repair recommendations. In accordance with a NAVSEA 00C directive and CNAP TYCOM direction, the bare metal on the shaft was tasked for repair utilizing Hycote 151. All damage was repaired and documented in accordance with NAVSEA 00C contract requirements and all work completed on time allowing the ship to resume their operational schedule.

Everett Crew, Mobilized from Seaward San Diego

Bare Metal found on Shaft

Surface Preparation for coating

Hycote 151 Application

Blade Damage found

Cover Plate Missing

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