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Seaward Divers Travel to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard to Clean, Inspect and Hycote

Posted April 24, 2014
Written by Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services divers traveled to Aker Philadelphia Shipyard to perform an underwater hull inspection that included internal inspections of the sea gratings and surface preparation and application of HYCOTE 151 underwater paint system to hull 019, MV Liberty Bay.

Divers completed internal inspections of the main cooling sea chests along with inspection of the bow thruster, bilge keels, propeller, and rudder.  During inspection of the underwater hull, divers located then prepared bare metal areas for the application of HYCOTE 151 underwater paint a unique 2-part epoxy coating that is specifically designed to be applied in wet environments.

Seaward Marine Services has applied over 200,000 square feet of HYCOTE products; HYCOTE u/w paint expels water from between the coating and the substrate that ensures an excellent adhesion.  HYCOTE products can be applied to cathodic shielding material, heavily pitted surfaces, and splash-zone areas. 

Seaward Divers on station at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard


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