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Seaward Divers Complete Cleaning of USNS Cape Edmont

Marine Transport Lines Inc. requested Divers to support the TURBO activation of USNS CAPE EDMONT (AKR-5069).  The CAPE EDMONT is part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet in Charleston, SC and must periodically “reactivate” to access the crew and ship's readiness.  Seaward Divers mobilized to Charleston, SC and completed hull cleaning utilizing Seawards SCAMP multi-brush cleaning platform.  The Divers also completed the propeller polish, cleaning of the shaft, rudder, sea-chests, bilge keels, and the bow and stern thrusters on the 682’ ship within 24 hours of diving.  For all the hard work and long days, a job well done for the Divers and Crew of Seaward Mobile Unit One. 


Typical Hull Pre and Post Clean Example

Typical Thruster Pre and Post Clean Example



Posted on: 23/Apr/2015

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Divers Clean USS Constitution Prior to Dry-Docking

Seaward Marine Services completed underwater hull cleaning and inspection on the USS CONSTITUTION (IX-21) on April 7, 2015 in support of an upcoming Dry-Dock period in May 2015.  USS CONSTITUTION is one of six Frigates authorized for construction in 1794, was named by President George Washington after our U.S. Constitution and is the oldest fully commissioned U.S. Navy ship. Seaward Marine Divers completed a pre-clean assessment, the hull cleaning and post-clean documentation report within sixteen working hours.  The Divers Hull Inspection Data report with photos was delivered to the Naval History and Heritage Command Detachment and the NAVSEA Director of Ocean Engineering Supervisor of Salvage and Diving on site Representative.

As recognition to Seaward’s involvement in the preparation of the dry-docking Seaward’s Divers were given the opportunity to sign a sheet of the copper cladding that will be used to replace sheeting installed during the CONSTITUTION’s previous docking in 1992.

Click here for the writeup for more on our cleaning of the USS CONSTITUTION.

Seaward MOB-4 next to the USS Constitution

Seaward MOB-4 next to the USS Constitution

Left to right:  Dean Womack, Noel McCully, Eric Bartlett, Matt Russell, Jesse Swinko, Steve Saunders, Mike Charles

USS Constitution Hand-Held Cleaning Demo from Seaward Marine Services, Inc. on Vimeo.
Can't view the video on Vimeo?  Click here for the youtube version.



Posted on: 10/Apr/2015

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers Complete Underwater Hull Cleaning on USNS STEPHEN W. PLESS for Keystone Services

Keystone Services awarded Seaward Marine Services the contract to complete the propeller and bow thruster cleaning and polish, sea chest cleaning, and forward hull cleaning for USNS Maj STEPHEN W. PLESS (T-AK-3007).  Seaward divers using the Diving Vessel "Coastal Pride" completed all work within a 3-day period including 4 hours of multi-brush hull cleaning of the ship’s forward hull sections (an area approximately 25,000 sqft).  The contract, based on best value and price, completed within the estimated time and was performed according to the requirements specified in the U.S. Navy Ships' Husbandry Manual Chapter 17 and Chapter 28, and the U.S. Navy Technical Manual Chapter 81.




Posted on: 28/Mar/2015

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services Awarded 10 year Contract with Bath Iron Works

Bath Iron Works has awarded Seaward Marine Services a 10 year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for services to help support Post Delivery planned, corrective and emergent work on board LCS class vessels.  This is an acknowledgement that Seaward Marine Services has special skill knowledge and abilities in the work performed under this agreement.  Seaward Marine will use such skills, specific knowledge, ability, best efforts, ingenuity and due diligence in performance of work and services agreed upon in this BOA. 

Posted on: 28/Jan/2015

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Services NDT Division Completes Eleven Hull Surveys using Lamp Ray® ROV

In September, Seaward Marine NDT Division completed its eleventh Lamp Ray hull survey within a five-month period ending an intense but rewarding effort by the division’s staff.  A few of these surveys can take as long as two weeks depending on the size of the unit being gauged, but all hulls were completed on time and on approved budget including a four ship run in August that began with the USNS CAPE RACE in Portsmouth VA and ended with three ships in San Diego CA.  The list included seven U.S. Navy warships, two Naval Reserve ships and the Display Ship BARRY.

After finishing three ships in May and early June Crowley Maritime requested a underwater hull cleaning, ABS inspection and hull survey services for the Ready Reserve Ship S.S. WRIGHT home ported in Baltimore M.D.  The Lamp Ray Crew transited back to Norfolk to complete a U.S. Navy asset then traveled to Washington D.C. to complete the Display Ship BARRY at the Washington Navy Yard (see July 8 posting). 

The NDT Division is scheduled to complete two more Lamp Ray hull surveys before the end of this year.



Posted on: 31/Oct/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Marine Cleans MV Frisia Bonn

Seaward Marine Services Mobile Unit 4 got the call for an immediate need to clean the underwater hull of MV Frisia Bonn for Independent Container Lines of Wilmington, NC. Our customer said the ship was experiencing 20% “slippage” referring to efficiency lost in the thrust of the propeller. In the case of MV Frisia Bonn this was due to moderate marine growth on the hull and propeller causing more shaft turns required to make desired speed which dramatically increases the fuel consumption rate.
Independent Container Lines authorized the work on Wednesday 10/1 in the afternoon, the crew mobilized out of Norfolk VA on Thursday, and met the ship at the terminal 0700 on Friday 10/3 to begin dive operations. Despite diving in a hostile environment with a very swift non-stop current Seaward Mobile 4  crew pushed through continuously for 20 hours to get the hull cleaning complete and the ship underway as soon as possible. “Thanks very much for your quick response and hard work; I understand the conditions, at times, were less than favorable” said  Rob Frazier Sr. Director US Ports & Warehouse Operations Independent Container Line.


Posted on: 22/Oct/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers Complete Underwater Hull Cleaning and Inspection of Historic Ship NAUTILUS

Seaward Marine Services completed underwater inspections and cleaning on the USS NAUTILUS (SSN-571), the first nuclear powered submarine was launched in 1954 and the first ship to reach the geographic North Pole- 90° north had an extensive and pioneering role in the groundbreaking uses of nuclear power.  NAUTILUS was decommissioned on March 3, 1980 after a 25-year career.  In April of 1986, NAUTILUS joined the Submarine Force Museum in Groton CT. as the Historic Ship NAUTILUS.

Seaward Divers used the multi-bush machine SCAMP to clean the underwater hull followed by Divers with single brush machines cleaning smaller areas then inspecting and photo documenting all underwater appendages and the overall condition of the hull.

Seaward Dive Crew starting work on Historic Ship NAUTILUS

Diver running SCAMP at waterline on Historic Ship NAUTILUS

Posted on: 03/Oct/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward Divers Replace ICCP Anode on Navy Ship

Divers replaced a four-foot Impress Current Cathodic Protection Anode on a Navy Ship in accordance with NAVSEA UWSHM Chap-19 “Cathodic Protection Systems”.  As a qualified contractor for the U.S. Navy, Seaward Marine Services is required to meet stringent NAVSEA Director of Ocean Engineering Supervisor of Salvage and Diving requirements.  The anode was found to be inactive and damaged during August 13 inspections and scheduled to be replaced by the SEA 00C representative, Seaward divers started repairs August 20 and completing repairs the following day.  After the initial installation and operational test by Ships Force, divers used HYCOTE 461 to replace the insulating dielectric shielding that was removed when replacing the anode. 


Damaged Anode

New anode installed using HYCOTE 461


Posted on: 23/Sep/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward to give presentation on Underwater Ships Husbandry at Maritime Heritage Conference

Seaward Marine Services is invited to the 10th annual Maritime Heritage Conference to participate in an education session by explaining the benefits of underwater ships husbandry “How Technology can Postpone or Predict Dry-docking”.  Seaward will discuss hull surveys using LampRay® that can document Hull thickness, paint thickness, hull potential, and video document the underwater hull while tracking its position in the water resulting in a comprehensive hull condition assessment with accuracy within +/- 6”.  Maintaining and repairing ships underwater hull will also be discussed including the benefits of hull cleaning, underwater painting, and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.

The education session will also include opening words from John Elliker of Nauticus and a technical presentation of LampRay by Edwin Slate, engineering consultant of Control Solutions.


Posted on: 02/Sep/2014

Cecil C. Achord

Seaward divers called in to support the “TURBO” activation of M/V CAPE DOMINGO

Marine Transport Lines, Inc. called in Seaward Marine Services to support the “TURBO” activation of M/V CAPE DOMINGO (T-AKR-5053).  Seaward divers mobilized from Norfolk, VA to Charleston, SC to clean the underwater hull within a 48-hour window before the 681 ft. ship was to get underway to assess the crew and ship on readiness.  Divers arrived on station mid-day Thursday August 14 and immediately deployed the equipment needed to clean the underwater hull, bow and stern thrusters, and propeller.  Divers completed all work within a 20-hour period so the ship could make its scheduled underway event mid-day Saturday.  



Posted on: 20/Aug/2014

Cecil C. Achord

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